Home Page: Missionary Work
June 2004

“Home Page: Missionary Work,” Liahona, June 2004, F9

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Missionary Work

You can prepare for a mission and help the full-time missionaries at the same time! For family home evening, choose some of these activities.

  1. Sing a hymn or Primary song about serving a mission or sharing the gospel.

  2. Look like a missionary.

    • Ask your family members to come to home evening dressed like missionaries if possible: boys in white shirts and ties and girls in dresses or skirts.

    • Cut out small squares of heavy paper to make missionary badges. Instead of writing your names, write one quality you would like to develop that would help you be a better missionary (for example, Elder Cheerful or Sister Humble). After family home evening, put the tags where they can remind you of your goals.

  3. Give support to a missionary serving from your ward or branch by writing a letter thanking him or her for the important work he or she is doing.

  4. Practice being a missionary now.

    • Think of questions people may have about the gospel. Practice answering these questions.

    • Invite the full-time missionaries or the ward or branch missionaries over to give a short message.

    • Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

    • Gather one copy of the Book of Mormon for each family member (or one copy for the family to share). Write your testimony inside the front cover. Make a bookmark by cutting a strip of heavy paper. On the bookmark, draw a picture and list some of your favorite scriptures. Give the books and bookmarks to people who may be interested in the gospel.

  5. Learn to share the scriptures. Have each family member write on small pieces of paper the references for three favorite scriptures. Fold the papers, and put them in a bowl. Take turns choosing scriptures from the bowl. The person to choose the scripture calls out the reference. Then everyone races to see who can find it first. That person reads the scripture out loud, then chooses the next scripture reference from the bowl.

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch