Did You Know?

    “Did You Know?” Liahona, June 2004, 47

    Did You Know?

    How Firm a Foundation

    “How Firm a Foundation” was first published in 1787. Emma Smith included it in the first Latter-day Saint hymnal in 1835.

    This hymn helped comfort the persecuted Saints. After the massacre at Haun’s Mill in 1838, during which her husband and son were killed, Amanda Smith gathered with the mourning women and children at the home of one of the Saints. They prayed aloud for comfort. One day the state militia told the Saints that if they did not stop, they would be killed. It wasn’t safe to pray aloud in the house, so Amanda sneaked into a cornfield.

    “When I emerged from the corn,” she said, “a voice spoke to me. It was a voice as plain as I ever heard one. It was no silent, strong impression of the spirit, but a voice, repeating a verse of the Saints’ hymn:

    “The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,

    I will not, I cannot, desert to his foes;

    That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake,

    I’ll never, no never, no never forsake!”

    [Hymns, no. 85]

    “From that moment,” Amanda said, “I had no more fear.” (See Karen Lynn Davidson, Our Latter-day Hymns [1988], 115.) This hymn is still a reminder of the protecting power of the Savior.

    Test Your Knowledge

    The Prophet Joseph Smith spent many months translating—revising by revelation—the King James Version of the Bible. The revision in English restores many of the plain and precious truths that have been lost from the Bible (see 1 Ne. 13). The book of Moses and Joseph Smith—Matthew in the Pearl of Great Price are portions of the Joseph Smith Translation.

    See if you can answer these questions about the Joseph Smith Translation.

    1. Joseph Smith started this translation in June 1830. When did he finish most of it?
      a. December 1831
      b. June 1832
      c. July 1833

    2. The Prophet had at least three scribes help him as he was translating. Which one recorded most of the Joseph Smith Translation?
      a. Oliver Cowdery
      b. John Whitmer
      c. Sidney Rigdon

    3. Which article of faith states, “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly”?
      a. Fifth
      b. Eighth
      c. Eleventh


    Leadership Tip

    Early in the reign of the judges, Alma and the other Church leaders worked hard to lead the people of Nephi. Their examples still apply today. You can read about them in Alma 1:26.

    Being an effective leader takes humility and hard work. As you read the Book of Mormon, notice the qualities of great leaders and apply them to your life.

    • 1c, 2c, 3b

    Left: Photograph posed by model; above: Korihor Confronts Alma, by Robert T. Barrett, may not be copied