Scripture Block

“Scripture Block,” Liahona, May 2002, 16

Scripture Block


  1. Mount the scripture block on lightweight cardboard, cut along the broken lines, and fold on the solid lines to form a block. Fold the tabs in, and glue them together.

  2. For family home evening, read about the five Old Testament people pictured on the block. See Gen. 22 (Abraham); Gen. 42–45 (Joseph); Ex. 3 (Moses); Esth. 4–5 (Esther); Dan. 6 (Daniel).

  3. Take turns rolling the block and telling one thing about the person whose picture is on top. Each time a picture is on top, tell something new about that person. If the blank side is on top, tell about an Old Testament person not shown on the block.

  4. Variation for older players: Give one point for each correct statement. Any player may challenge a statement, and all players then try to find evidence in the scriptures for or against the statement. If the statement is accurate, the player who made the statement and the player who found the scriptural evidence each get an extra point. If evidence is found showing the statement to be inaccurate, the challenger and the player who found the evidence each get a point.

Scripture game

Illustrations by Denise Kirby