May 2002

“Comment,” Liahona, May 2002, 1


Sharing the Gospel with Family

I was touched by the story “Sharing the Gospel with Dad” in the February 2001 Liahona (Spanish). When I read it, my eyes filled with tears. Perhaps I reacted with this emotion because the author’s father was baptized, and I thought about what would happen if my parents accepted the things our Heavenly Father has prepared for us and were baptized. My wife and I pray for our family members to find the path of truth.

Juan Carlos Ñaupari Aguirre,
Valencia First Branch, Valencia Spain District

A Growing Testimony

When I was baptized I wanted to have a strong testimony like other members of the Church. I fasted and prayed until I gained a small testimony, but I still felt a little sad. Then I read “A Growing Testimony” by President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, in the January 2001 Liahona (Spanish). President Faust said that our testimonies will continue to grow, and I know this is true. My testimony is getting stronger every day. I’m grateful and happy to be a Latter-day Saint and to have a growing testimony.

Gilberto Cordero Castro,
Coronado Branch, San José Costa Rica Toyopán Stake

Liahona Pleasant to Read

I was born with dyslexia. But I want to say that the Liahona is pleasant to my eyes to read, and I am able to read it longer at one sitting. When I read the Liahona (Swedish) today, I received answers to many questions that I have been thinking about and working on.

Erik Mattsson,
Örebro Branch, Stockholm Sweden Stake

A Prophet’s Counsel

I was happy to receive the April 2001 Liahona (Spanish). I am grateful for the article “A Prophet’s Counsel and Prayer for Youth” by President Gordon B. Hinckley. Some of my friends wear lots of rings in their ears and eyebrows. “But can I wear them?” I asked my branch president. He answered by showing me 1 Corinthians 3:16–17 and President Hinckley’s article.

Our leaders really love us. Their words in the Church magazines are a great help to youth. I know Heavenly Father sends people to keep us from being deceived.

Benny Jesús Doria Mártinez,
Lorica Branch, Montería Colombia District