Joseph’s Gifts
December 2000

“Joseph’s Gifts,” Liahona, Dec. 2000, 16

Joseph’s Gifts

Joseph Smith Jr. was born two days before Christmas in 1805. From the time he was just 14 years old, he shared many gifts from Heavenly Father with the people on earth. Learn about the Prophet Joseph’s gifts by reading the questions below and circling the gift box or boxes with a correct answer. The answers can be found in D&C 115:3–4; D&C 130:22; JS—H 1:17–19, 30–35, 59, 66–67.

1. Joseph saw Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Sacred Grove. From this event, we learn that …

A. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have glorified bodies of flesh and bones.

B. Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

C. none of the churches on earth at that time were true.

2. Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph and taught him about gold plates that were hidden in a nearby hill. Joseph translated these plates into a book called …

A. the Book of Job.

B. the Doctrine and Covenants.

C. the Book of Mormon.

D. the Pearl of Great Price.

3. In a revelation given to Joseph in 1838, the Lord said the name of the Church was to be …

A. The Church of Latter-day Saints.

B. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

C. The Church of Mormons.


  • (1) A, B, and C; (2) C; (3) B.