Christmas Crafts: Heartfelt Christmas Messages
December 2000

“Christmas Crafts: Heartfelt Christmas Messages,” Liahona, Dec. 2000, 15

Christmas Crafts:

Heartfelt Christmas Messages


  1. Remove these two pages from the magazine, and mount them on heavy paper.

  2. Cut out the heart wreath, the individual hearts, and the messages—including the two blank boxes.

  3. Write your own personal messages on the blank squares. Glue each message to the back of an individual heart. Decide on a friend or family member to share each message with, and write his or her name on the heart.

  4. Carefully cut along the broken lines on the wreath.

  5. During the Christmas season, share your messages with your friends and family. As you complete each one, add the heart to your wreath by placing it in the slits.

Christmas wreath
Wreath ornaments

I will tell you I love you!

I will fix breakfast for you.

I will sing you a song.

I will share my favorite scripture with you.

I will tell you the story of Jesus’ birth.

I will give you a hug.