No, Thank You

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“No, Thank You,” Liahona, Feb. 1999, 11

“No, Thank You”

One day last year, my friend invited me to his house to have a tea party with him and his sisters. I thought they would have pretend tea at their party. Instead, they offered me real tea with honey. I remembered a story I had read about President David O. McKay. Once when he visited the queen of the Netherlands, the queen offered him tea. He politely refused it. I knew that if tea isn’t good for a prophet, it isn’t good for me.

I told my friends, “No, thank you. Tea isn’t good for you.” They didn’t know about the Word of Wisdom, and they told me that tea was good for me. But I said, “No, thank you,” again. So my friends gave me some water to drink, and we had a good time together.

When I made this choice, I had a good feeling inside. My mom and dad said I had set a good example for my friends who aren’t members of the Church. I know that Jesus Christ wants me to take care of my body, and I am trying to do what He wants me to do.

Jeremy Driggs

Illustrated by Robert A. McKay