“Contents,” Liahona, May 1996


    May 1996

    Volume 20, Number 5

    On the cover: Young adults of Paris, France, enjoy an outing in the park surrounding the palace at Versailles. (Photography by David and LaRene Gaunt.)

    Back cover: From the shadows of the Eiffel Tower (left), to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (top), Church members in France love and support one another—be it in the ward library in Angoulême (center), the Primary in the Clichy Branch (below), or the Scouting program in the Bayonne Branch (bottom). See “France,” page 32. (Photography by David and LaRene Gaunt.)

    Limhi and His People Escape to Zarahemla, by Steven Lloyd Neal. Drunken guards were oblivious to king Limhi and his people escaping from the city of Nephi, where they had been in bondage to the Lamanites. Taking their flocks, their herds, and their precious things, they traveled through the wilderness to join King Mosiah in Zarahemla (see Mosiah 22).