My Family Tree

    “My Family Tree,” Liahona, May 1996, 9

    My Family Tree

    Ancestors are not just names. They are real people. Follow the instructions below, and you will create a family tree that will give you many happy hours of sharing and learning. Ask your mother or father to give you the information you need.

    Making a Family Tree

    1. Print the name of each person on the tab at the bottom of each picture oval.

    2. If you have photographs of any of the people on the chart, ask your mother or father to make copies, then help you cut out and paste them to fit the picture ovals where they belong. Draw a likeness of your ancestors in the picture ovals where photographs are not available.

    3. As you complete each person’s picture oval, ask your parents to tell you about the kind of work the person does (or did) or about a special experience that person had.

    4. Carefully remove these pages from the magazine and mount them on cardboard.


    1. Ask a parent or grandparent to tell you what her or his life was like when she or he was your age.

    2. Select an ancestor and ask a parent or grandparent to tell you an interesting story or fact about that person.

    3. Learn the favorite game of one of your ancestors; play it during family home evening.

    4. Ask a parent what his or her mother’s or father’s favorite food was (or is); then fix it for dinner one night.

    5. Write your testimony in your journal for your future children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to read someday.

    Illustrated By Elise Black