November 1995

“Comment,” Liahona, Nov. 1995, 1


Excellent Resource

I have been subscribing to A Liahona (Portuguese) since I joined the Church some 12 years ago. I can testify that the magazine is much more than a vehicle of communication between the leadership of the Church and its members. I believe it is a vehicle the Lord uses to bless its readers. I am particularly touched by the Spirit when I read of other people’s experiences in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As elders quorum president in my ward, I encourage the brethren to use the inspired First Presidency Messages as a means of blessing those they home teach.

Elson Carlos Ferreira
Curitiba Fourth Ward, Curitiba Iguaco Brazil Stake

Family History Companion

I have reason to be extremely grateful for the Liahona (Spanish) magazine, because my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ grows with each issue.

I have the calling of family history specialist in my branch, and I appreciate all the Liahona articles on this sacred subject. I particularly enjoy the scriptural references and the inspired talks and articles by the General Authorities.

Francisco-José Cazorla Granados
Málaga 1st Branch, Spain Málaga Mission

Julia Mavimbela

I was touched and inspired by the article “Julia Mavimbela,” in the March 1995 issue. What a strong, courageous, and noble woman! The example she has set for those with whom she has come in contact can now be shared by readers of the magazine.

By her example we see that people can improve their lives and the lives of others, regardless of their environment.

In this troubled world, it is good to be reminded that even one person can be an influence for good. The world will never be the same because of Sister Mavimbela. I know I won’t.

Hannahlei B. Soriano
San Carlos 1st Ward, Lingayen Philippines Stake

Name Change

I was baptized in 1986 when I was 65 years old. I have always subscribed to the Tambuli (English), for it has helped add to my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I cannot afford to travel to other lands, I have met the Saints around the world through the pages of the magazine. I have been inspired as I have read about their lives.

I read in the magazine that the name will be changed from Tambuli to Liahona. It is a perfect name, for as the Liahona guided Lehi and his people to the promised land, the Liahona magazine will help guide its readers toward greater spirituality.

Alvaro R. Tadia
Catbalogan 1st Branch, Philippines Tacloban Mission