My Miracle
November 1995

“My Miracle,” Liahona, Nov. 1995, 12

My Miracle

I learned that a patriarchal blessing is like a personal Liahona—a heavenly compass—charting our course and guiding our way.

All my life I had heard about the importance of getting a patriarchal blessing. So when I turned 17, I started thinking about getting mine.

To me, getting a patriarchal blessing was a little frightening. What if I didn’t hear anything I wanted to hear? What if there were no great promises for me? I worried about being prepared enough.

I decided that I needed to exercise some faith. I prayed many times, was interviewed by my bishop, and set up an appointment with the stake patriarch to receive my blessing. Then, while I waited, I tried to prepare spiritually for this important event.

On the day I was to receive my blessing, I fasted all day. In the morning, I thought I would have a wonderful, spiritual day, but Satan must have worked overtime to make it something else. I had a bad day at school, and by the time I came home I was upset. With nerves on edge, I paced the floor.

Then I remembered a fireside where a man and woman whom I admire spoke about preparing to receive a patriarchal blessing. They suggested that we pray for specific things we want to know.

I went into my room, knelt beside my bed, and prayed that Heavenly Father would tell me what he knew was best for me to hear. I asked that he take away my fears and calm my worried heart.

Everything turned out fine. In fact, it was a personal miracle. It seemed that the patriarch knew me even better than I knew myself. I knew he was speaking for Heavenly Father, and when he spoke, I felt the assurance that Heavenly Father did know me. He heard my prayers. He knew my name.

After the patriarch had finished speaking, I felt wonderful about myself. Nothing has ever given me such a deeply spiritual feeling before.

Now I know why Church leaders emphasize the value of a patriarchal blessing. When we learn the worth of something and pay the price to obtain it, we begin to better understand its value. For me, my blessing and the experience of receiving it was one of the best experiences of my life. I know that my patriarchal blessing will continue to guide me to fulfill its promises.

Illustrated by Allan Garnes