Alma Teaches about Faith

“Alma Teaches about Faith,” Tambuli, June 1994, 16

Alma Teaches about Faith

Alma teaches about faith in God

Alma taught the Zoramites about faith in God. He said that asking for a sign from heaven in order to believe is not having faith. Alma 32:17–18

How faith grows

He said that faith is believing what is true without seeing it. He also explained how faith grows. Alma 32:21

Plant a seed in your heart

If we really want to believe, and listen to the word of God, it is planted in our hearts like a seed and starts to grow. Alma 32:26–28

As we learn the seed grows

Alma said that as we learn more about the gospel, this seed keeps growing. We know that it is good, and our faith grows stronger. Alma 32:30

and brings forth good fruit

He explained that just as a good seed brings forth good fruit, the word of God brings us blessings if we have faith. Alma 32:37, 42–43

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson