“Contents,” Tambuli, June 1994


    June 1994

    Volume 18, Number 6

    On the cover: This year is the 150th anniversary of “that solemn event when the first prophet of this dispensation sealed his testimony of the Restoration with his blood.” Joseph Smith, depicted by artist Alvin Gittins, was martyred on 27 June 1844. His life and mission are examined in the First Presidency Message, page 2, and in other special articles in this issue.

    Inside back cover: Joseph Smith Testifies of the Book of Mormon, by Robert T. Barrett. In 1839, the Prophet Joseph had the opportunity to speak before a large non-LDS congregation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to a companion, Parley P. Pratt, the people “were astounded; electrified, … and overwhelmed with the sense of the truth and power by which [Joseph] spoke. … Many souls were gathered into the fold.”