Children’s Art around the World
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“Children’s Art around the World,” Tambuli, Sept. 1993, 35

Children’s Art around the World

Through paintings, drawings, and collages, more than 2,600 young Latter-day Saint artists from around the world shared their thoughts on family for the first international children’s art exhibit sponsored earlier this year by the Museum of Church History and Art, Salt Lake City.

“The pictures, created by children ages five through eleven, celebrate the importance of families,” said museum educator Jenny Lund, who helped organize the exhibit. “Through their art, they express their faith in God, their love for their families, their insight, and their creativity.”

Of the 2,600 pieces submitted, three hundred were selected for the four-month-long exhibit. A sampling of these works appears on these pages and on the inside back cover.

My Family

My Family, Midori Kobayashi, 5, Guma-ken, Japan

Village Summer

Village Summer, Yura Diyakov, 8, St. Petersburg, Russia

Feeding the Birds

Feeding the Birds, Masha Makarova, 8, St. Petersburg, Russia

Family Prayer

Family Prayer, Ana Paula Marquez, 11, Chubut, Argentina

The Temple

The Temple, David Falabella Sánchez, 8, Costa Rica

Playing Outside

Playing Outside, Yakobu Hirabayashi, 5, Gunma-ken, Japan

Going to the Market

Going to the Market, Ivan Ramírez Godínez, 8, Guatemala City, Guatemala

In the Country

In the Country, Mariela Monterroso G., 9, Costa Rica

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration, Nakabe Maya, 6, Tokyo, Japan

Visiting the Temple

Visiting the Temple, Manuela Capuano, 11, Switzerland

Family Picnic

Family Picnic, Rebeca Delgado Campas, 11, Costa Rica

Family Vacation

Family Vacation, Karla Barrera, 11, Costa Rica


Self-Portrait, Seita Ishio, 10, Tokyo, Japan

My Clean Room

My Clean Room, Sarah-Marie Wettstein, 7, Geneva, Switzerland

Helping in the Home

Helping in the Home, Asti Dewi Sri, 11, West Solo, Indonesia

Family History

Family History, Dessin de Redon, 9, St. Trono, France