Book of Mormon Tools
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“Book of Mormon Tools,” Tambuli, Sept. 1993, 46–47

Book of Mormon Tools

The Book of Mormon offers you just the right tools to fix almost anything. Here’s a handy guide to help you know where to look.

When Douglas Holt of Tucson, Arizona, was asked to speak to a Young Women’s group about applying the scriptures in their lives, he asked his eighteen-year-old daughter, Marianne, what helped her. They sat down with the family during a home evening and came up with this list from the Book of Mormon:


You are sad about your sins and mistakes, 2 Ne. 4:17–35.

You want to know why there is so much opposition in your life, 2 Ne. 2.

Your faith is tried, Alma 32:21–43; Mosiah 24:13–14, 21.

You feel that God has abandoned you, Alma 36:27; Mosiah 4:9, Mosiah 7:33.

You feel inadequate, Alma 37:6–7.

You don’t feel like praying, 2 Ne. 32:8–9.

You’re depressed, Alma 26:27.

You’re overwhelmed by your weaknesses, Ether 12:27–29.

You need your batteries recharged, Mosiah 4:27.

If you—

Need guidance, 2 Ne. 32:3.

Are tempted to do wrong, 2 Ne. 28:21–23.

Lose patience while waiting for an answer, 2 Ne. 28:30.

Are tired of being an example, Alma 17:11.

Feel like sinning now and repenting later, Alma 34:32–34.

Are following the crowd, 2 Ne. 28:7–11.

Need forgiveness, Enos 1:1.

Lust, Mosiah 3:19.

Don’t know what to pray for, Alma 34:17–28; Alma 37:36–37; Alma 38:14.

When you want to know what to do—

After baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, 2 Ne. 31:18–20.

When surrounded by darkness, Mosiah 16:9.

With contention, 3 Ne. 11:29–30; Mosiah 18:21.

When you fear death, Alma 40.

To come to Christ, Omni 1:26; Moro. 10:32–33.

To find—

The Psalm of Nephi, 2 Ne. 4:17–35.

Alma’s conversion, Alma 36.

Why Christ needed to die, Alma 34:8–16.

The account of Christ with the little children, 3 Ne. 17.

Lehi’s dream, 1 Ne. 8.

King Benjamin’s address, Mosiah 3–5.

Moroni’s promise, Moro. 10:3–5.

Sacrament prayers, Moro. 4, 5.

The Beatitudes, 3 Ne. 12:12–24.

To learn how to—

Be born again, Mosiah 5; Mosiah 27:24–25.

Have faith, Alma 32.

Judge between good and evil, Moro. 7:5–28.

Learn from others’ mistakes, Morm. 9:31.

Survive the adversary’s attacks, Hel. 5:12.

Deal with apostates, Alma 24:30.

To find out why we should—

Listen to the Spirit, Jacob 4:13.

Rejoice in Christ, Alma 26:11–16.

Bear affliction, Jacob 6.