February 1993

“Contents,” Tambuli, Feb. 1993


February 1993

Volume 17, Number 2

On the cover: A former Methodist minister, Fijian Brother Kalaveti Tubu first heard of the Church in 1975—from a woman on a bus. He patiently studied the gospel until his wife, Luisa, agreed in 1984 to his baptism. Now they and their children are active members in the island nation of Fiji. Photographed outside their house, Brother Tubu wears a sulu and Sister Tubu wears a dress woven in patterns typically found in Fijian tapa cloth. Photography by Shirleen Meek Saunders. See “Fiji: Islands of Faith,” page 32.

Back cover: Water lilies are among the many beautiful flowers that help make the Pacific island nation of Fiji “heavenly.” But the gospel adds a spiritual beauty to members that makes living in this paradise even better. See “Fiji: Islands of Faith,” page 32.

Inside back cover: Construction of the Nauvoo Temple, by Gary E. Smith. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young confer with temple architect William Weeks. Following Joseph’s martyrdom, the Saints continued to develop Nauvoo, even though they faced the possibility of being forced to abandon the city. Resources were scarce, and Brigham recorded in his diary, “I enquired of the Lord whether we should stay … and finish the temple. The answer was that we should.” The structure was dedicated in 1846.