February 1993

“Comment,” Tambuli, Feb. 1993, 1


Touched My Heart

I found the Church twelve years ago and was touched by the message that the missionaries gave about the Book of Mormon.

For more than a year after joining the Church, I was seriously ill and was hospitalized. I truly came to appreciate the Seito No Michi (Japanese) magazine and the Book of Mormon. Their stories comforted me and helped me to feel the Spirit throughout the trial of my illness. I am well now, and I am grateful for my good health. Thank you for strengthening my testimony.

Reiko Nakayama
Kichijoji Ward, Tokyo Stake, Tokyo, Japan

Picture the Prophets

I appreciate the wonderful photos and articles found in A Liahona (Portuguese). The magazine is always inspiring.

Our family uses the pictures from A Liahona in our family home evening, and I would like you to publish more photos of past Presidents of the Church. It helps our children to recognize the great leaders of the Church, and stories of their lives strengthen our testimonies.

Taylor Samways
São Paulo North Stake, São Paulo, Brazil

EDITOR’S NOTE: The December 1992 article about the Prophet Joseph Smith began a series of biographical articles about each of the latter-day Presidents of the Church. See page ten in this issue for an article about President Brigham Young.

Opens Doors

The Liahona (Spanish) has always strengthened my testimony by giving me examples of members living the gospel. I apply what I learn in the Liahona in my life, at work, and teaching classes in the Church. I have also been able to use it to introduce my friends and associates to the gospel.

Please publish the “Mormon Message” posters every month. These posters have opened up many gospel discussions for me because I can tear them out and post them on the bulletin board at my school. My professors and fellow students come up to read the message and become interested in listening to the missionaries.

Max Chavarria
Palm Springs Ward, Palm Springs California Stake