The Jaredites Leave Babel

    “The Jaredites Leave Babel,” Tambuli, Dec. 1990, 2

    The Jaredites Leave Babel

    Jared and his brother

    Jared and his brother were righteous men who lived in a place called Babel. They lived hundreds of years before the Nephites. Ether 1:32–33; Gen. 11:9

    Tower of Babel

    Most of the people in Babel were wicked. They built a tower to try to get to heaven. The Lord was angry and changed their language so they could not understand each other. Gen. 11:4–7

    Jaredites ask for same language

    Jared asked his brother to pray and ask the Lord not to change the language of their families and friends. Ether 1:34

    The Lord answered their prayer

    The brother of Jared prayed, and the Lord answered his prayer. So Jared, his brother, and their families and friends could still understand each other. Ether 1:35–37

    Jaredites leave

    The Lord told the brother of Jared to gather his family and friends and leave the land. They were to take their flocks and all kinds of seeds with them. Ether 1:40–41

    Led to a promised land

    The Lord said that he would lead the Jaredites to a promised land. Ether 1:42

    Take food with them

    The Jaredites caught birds and fish to take with them. Ether 2:2

    and honeybees

    They took swarms of honeybees. Ether 2:3

    They travel into the wilderness

    The Jaredites traveled into the wilderness. The Lord spoke to them from a cloud and told them which way to go. Ether 2:5

    We must serve God or be destroyed

    The Lord said that the people who live in the land of promise must serve God or be destroyed. Ether 2:6–8

    Jaredites stay at the seaside

    When the Jaredites came to the seashore, they put up their tents. They stayed by the sea for four years. Ether 2:13

    Illustrated by Robert Barrett