Manger Scene Shadow Box

    “Manger Scene Shadow Box,” Tambuli, Dec. 1990, 14

    Manger Scene Shadow Box

    Imagine if you had lived when Jesus was born! What if you could have peeked into the stable and seen the new Babe in the manger? How wonderful that would have been! Of course, you were not there, but you can make a Manger Scene Shadow Box to peek inside.

    To make shadow box, you will need a large box with lid (tall enough for cut-out figures), wrapping paper, scissors, and glue.

    1. Cover outside of box and lid with wrapping paper.

    2. Cut out two round light holes in lid of box (see illustration).

    3. On one end of box, cut out round eyehole (see illustration).

    4. Carefully remove pages from magazine, glue onto heavy paper, and cut out figures.

    5. Arrange and glue figures in box with large shepherd heads closest to hole, and donkey farthest away (see illustration). Glue star against far end of box.

    6. 6. Put on lid. Look inside and peek past the shepherds’ shoulders.

    Illustrated by Elise Niven Black

    Cut two light holes in lid. Cut eyehole.