Cory’s Confirmation

“Cory’s Confirmation,” Tambuli, Apr. 1978, 26

Cory’s Confirmation

1. Cory and his family entering the meetinghouse where Cory will be confirmed a member of the Church.

2. Inside, Cory sits with his family and friends.

3. After the babies are blessed the confirmations will take place.

4. When Cory’s name is called he and his father go to the front of the congregation where Cory sits down in a chair. Cory’s father and friends stand in a circle around him.

5. They place their hands upon Cory’s head while his father, who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood, calls Cory by name, confirms him a member of the Church, gives him the gift of the Holy Ghost, and a blessing.

6. After the prayer has been given, the men in the circle shake Cory’s hand and congratulate him.

Photos by Eldon Linschoten