For the Strength of Youth
God’s Intent Is to Bring You Home
May 2024

Sunday Morning Session

God’s Intent Is to Bring You Home



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Going Home, by Yongsung Kim

Everything about the Father’s plan for His beloved children is designed to bring everyone home. …

Does this mean anything goes with regard to how we live our lives? … No, of course not. … Fundamentally implicit in all of His teachings to live on a higher plane of moral conduct is a call to personal progression, to transformative faith in Christ, to a mighty change of heart. …

If we believe the intent of the Father’s all-reaching plan is to save us, redeem us, extend mercy to us, and thereby bring us happiness, what is the intent of the Son through whom this great plan is brought about? …

Jesus’s will is the benevolent Father’s will! He wants to make it possible for every last one of His Father’s children to receive the end goal of the plan—eternal life with Them. None is excluded from this divine potential. …

The Saviour, the Good Shepherd, goes in search of His lost sheep until He finds them. …

No, He does not put up roadblocks and barriers; He removes them. He does not keep you out; He welcomes you in. …

This is the good news! I am unspeakably grateful for these simple truths. The Father’s design, His plan, His purpose, His intent, His wish, and His hope are all to heal you, all to give you peace, all to bring you, and those you love, home.


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