For the Strength of Youth
In Support of the Rising Generation
May 2024

Saturday Afternoon Session

In Support of the Rising Generation



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The entire ward will be blessed and strengthened as members focus on the rising generation. …

The youth will learn the pattern of revelation as they participate with us in the process of seeking and acting upon promptings to serve others. As the youth turn to the Lord for this inspired guidance, their relationships with and trust in Him will deepen.

We express our confidence in the youth by offering support and direction, without taking over. As we step back and allow the youth to learn through counseling together, choosing an inspired course, and putting their plan into action, they will experience true joy and growth. …

Our youth amaze us with their courage, their faith, and their abilities. As they choose to be fully engaged disciples of Jesus Christ, His gospel will be etched upon their hearts. Following Him will become a part of who they are, not just what they do. …

The youth today are among Heavenly Father’s most noble spirits. They were among the stalwart defenders of truth and agency in the premortal world. They were born in these days to gather Israel through their powerful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows each one of them and knows their great potential. He is patient as they grow. He will redeem and protect them. He will heal and guide them.