The Good Shepherd
August 2023

“The Good Shepherd,” For the Strength of Youth, Aug. 2023.

The Savior’s Parables

John 10:1–11

The Good Shepherd


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A robber comes to steal sheep, but he can’t get in through the door.

Trying another opening, the robber calls the sheep. But they don’t listen to him because they know he is a stranger.

The shepherd calls to his sheep to lead them out through the door to green pastures.

The sheep follow the shepherd because they know his voice.

What It Means

The Savior said the shepherd represents Him. The sheep represent His followers, and the robber represents the people who preach against Him.

Questions for You

If strangers called you on your phone, would you let them distract or deceive you?

Do you know the Savior’s voice?

Will you follow Him when He calls you?