I Know I’ll See My Mom Again
August 2023

“I Know I’ll See My Mom Again,” For the Strength of Youth, Aug. 2023.

I Can Do All Things through Christ

Youth share how Christ has strengthened them to do hard things (see Philippians 4:13).

I Know I’ll See My Mom Again

young man

I love the verses in the Book of Mormon that talk about how the mothers of the stripling warriors raised them in the Lord (see Alma 56:47–48; 57:21). I connect those verses with my mother. I think she was the most wonderful person. I want to be like her.

My mother battled cancer for about three years. I was almost 12 when she died. After she passed away, I felt a little lost. What I miss most about her is her being there for us.

On my 12th birthday, 13 days after my mother passed away, my friend Joseph came to my birthday party. He handed me a present, gave me a hug, and whispered in my ear, “I’m sorry about your mom.” That meant everything to me. He showed me that I was loved and that people cared for me.

When dealing with our loss, my dad always found time for us to do family things together. Serving others also helped me a lot. Even though I was sad, other people were having troubles too. I helped them, and that made me feel better.

There were moments at night when I cried. At those times, I felt comforted when I turned to the Lord and prayed to be happy again. I remember thinking that I knew I would see my mom again.

I’m still sad my mom’s not here. But her passing hasn’t felt as final as I thought it might, because I know I’ll see her again. I look forward to it. Also, my stepmom has been really nice, and she’s definitely filled the role as a mother.

The Savior died for us and took upon Himself all our sins. I know that He knows our individual worries and problems. Because of His sacrifice, we can be resurrected and have eternal families. That knowledge really helps me.

Ethan J., Virginia, USA