Sometimes I feel that my parents are overly critical of me. How can I respond respectfully?
January 2023

“Sometimes I feel that my parents are overly critical of me. How can I respond respectfully?,” For the Strength of Youth, Jan. 2023.

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“Sometimes I feel that my parents are overly critical of me. How can I respond respectfully?”

Spend Time Together

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Your parents offer advice and correction because they love you and want to help you succeed. When that correction feels unfair, take time to discuss it one on one with your parents at a time when you both feel calm. You can find a time when you both are doing something you like to do together, like cooking or exercising. This helps to invite the Spirit into the conversation.

Rebekah M., 17, Maryland, USA

Remember They Love You

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If you remember that your parents correct you and counsel with you because they love you, it is a lot easier to accept their correction. Saying a quick little prayer to ask for the Spirit to help you to stay respectful and humble will help you to better communicate with them.

Lauren M., 16, Texas, USA

Honesty Heals

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Good, honest conversation can resolve all kinds of conflicts. Sit down with your parents and talk to them. Tell them what hurts you, and listen to what makes them sad or disappointed. Spend more time together, and cultivate love and peace within your relationship and home. When you are angry, ask Heavenly Father to calm your heart.

Rafaella P., 17, São Paulo, Brazil

Tell Them You Love Them

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You can respond respectfully, even if it’s hard. Tell your parents you love them, that you care about them, and that you know they love you. Let them know what they say hurts your emotional, spiritual, and mental state. Pray frequently. Heavenly Father will surely help you.

Wellie S., 13, Luanda, Angola

They See Your Potential

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God expects the best of us and can see our true potential. This is why He requires so much of us. Your parents also see your potential and want the best for you and for you to succeed! They may not be perfect in encouraging your progression, and you aren’t perfect in achieving it. Have an honest, loving conversation with your parents, and the Spirit will guide you to find understanding.

Brooke T., 18, Arizona, USA

Be a Humble Listener

Lately I’ve tried to be a better listener. I try to listen quietly to what my parents have to say instead of arguing or snapping at them. It takes a lot of patience and humility, but doing this can strengthen your relationship with your parents and allow for more understanding on both ends.

Kami K., 18, Utah, USA