The Ultimate Miracle
January 2023

“The Ultimate Miracle,” For the Strength of Youth, Jan. 2023.

Come, Follow Me

Luke 1, 5

The Ultimate Miracle

There is one miracle that is more important than them all.

With God, all things are possible (see Luke 1:37; Philippians 4:13). But can you pray for literally anything and have it come true? Why do some people experience miracles while it seems like others don’t? And what does all of this really mean for you?

Three ancient miracles, three modern miracles, and one ultimate miracle teach us a little more.


Ancient Miracle

Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus

Illustrations by Camila Gray

Mary was probably more than a little surprised when the angel Gabriel told her she’d be the mother of the Savior. It shouldn’t have been possible. But the angel Gabriel explained that Jesus would be the Son of God and said, “With God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37). And the angel was right. Mary did give birth to the Savior of the world.

Modern Miracle

sister missionaries helping old woman

Two missionaries serving in Mexico crossed a busy street every day. Sometimes they would wait 10 minutes before they had the chance to cross, and they usually had to run! Then they met a very old, very slow less-active member. She wanted to come to church with them, but—here comes the impossible part—she would have to cross the busy street. And no, the missionaries couldn’t carry her across (though they definitely thought about it!). But then they had a miracle. “When we got to the street,” one of the missionaries says, “there were no cars coming. We were able to walk very slowly and safely across.”

Impossible? Think Again!

With God, all things are possible (even impossible things!).


Ancient Miracle

Jesus Christ healing sick man lowered through roof

There was a man who was “taken with a palsy,” or paralyzed. He believed the Savior could heal him. But Jesus was surrounded by lots of people, and it was hard to get to Him. So what did the man do? His friends lowered him on his bed through the roof of a house to reach the Savior. No, that probably wasn’t very easy. But he and his friends must have had a lot of faith. And it paid off—Jesus forgave the man’s sins and healed him (see Luke 5:17–26).

Modern Miracle


Ella W. was playing with her friends in the park when some of her friends lost their pet chameleon. This might not sound like that big of a deal. But remember, chameleons change color to blend in with their surroundings. After searching for a while, Ella decided it was time to pray in faith. They were soon able to find the chameleon in a tree! “Once it was in someone’s arms, we said a thank-you prayer to Heavenly Father,” Ella says.

Miracles Come through Faith in Jesus Christ

The impossible is always possible to God. But we need to have faith in the Savior (or at least a desire to believe!) and to act on that faith for miracles to happen.


Ancient Miracle

Elisabeth, Zacharias, and baby John the Baptist

Elisabeth and Zacharias were married many years but didn’t have any children. Sometimes, it might have felt like their faithful prayers weren’t being answered. And eventually, they got too old to have kids. But then an angel appeared to Zacharias and told him Elisabeth was going to have a baby. (Fun fact: the baby eventually became John the Baptist!) In the end, the impossible did become possible. But Elisabeth and Zacharias had to wait a very, very long time (see Luke 1).

Modern Miracle

priesthood blessing

Lindsey M. suffered from epilepsy. “Every morning, I would beg my Heavenly Father to take the seizures away,” Lindsey says. But they didn’t go away. While Lindsey waited to be healed, she received priesthood blessings, which brought her peace. And that peace was a miracle itself. “When we turn to our Heavenly Father, He will undoubtedly be there for us, spreading miracles and offering comfort,” she says. Lindsey eventually received a surgery that helped with her seizures.

Miracles Come According to God’s Will

God can do all things. You may have great faith. But miracles come according to Heavenly Father’s timing and will and in His way. Look for other miracles along the way, like peace and the strength to endure.

The Ultimate Miracle

We’ve talked a lot about miracles. But there is one miracle that is bigger and more important than them all. That miracle was when God’s Son came to earth as a baby, later taught and healed, and then gave His own life. Jesus Christ took upon Himself our sins, sorrows, and infirmities. His miracle includes three days in a tomb and then a resurrection that brought about life after death for all of us. That miracle changes everything.

It’s easy to get caught up trying to have faith in a specific miracle. And that can be hard when we don’t know Heavenly Father’s will. So instead of focusing your faith on a miracle you want, focus it on the miracle of the Savior’s Atonement. Have faith that nothing is impossible for God, including what you’re praying for. But also have faith that His will is better than your own. If your prayers aren’t answered in the way you hope, He will strengthen you and help you endure.

The Ultimate Takeaway

As you focus your faith on Jesus Christ, you will understand what it means that all things are possible with God. You will believe that Heavenly Father can answer your prayers, and you will trust His will and receive His peace when things don’t go as planned. So put your faith in Jesus Christ. He is the miracle. And all things are possible with Him.