August 2022

“Connect,” For the Strength of Youth, Aug. 2022.


Daniel F.

17, Madrid, Spain

young man

Photograph by Fernando J. Calderón

I was born in the Dominican Republic. But at age 15, when my parents divorced, I moved to Spain to live with my mom. I love Spain because of the fun places and good food—especially churros.

My mom joined the Church before I moved in with her. She always had a Book of Mormon in our house. So one day I started reading, and I really identified with Nephi. I attended church, and I could feel the Spirit there. I knew the Church was true, and I was so happy to be baptized at age 16.

I can see the impact being baptized and having the gift of the Holy Ghost have had on my life. My bishop is helping me prepare to serve a mission, and I just received my temple recommend.

I’m the only priest in my ward, so I bless the sacrament every week. I was a little nervous the first time because everyone’s attention was on me. But I practiced and prayed that God would help me not feel so nervous.

I know I feel happy because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.