Fun Stop

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“Fun Stop,” For the Strength of Youth, Jan. 2021, 28–29.

Fun Stop

Youth Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan

Immersed in Numbers

People performing baptisms have to say specific words. Those words are found in Doctrine and Covenants 20, but which verse? Do the following math using numbers from the scriptures to find out.

  1. Take the number of sections in the Doctrine and Covenants and subtract Joseph Smith’s age when he received the First Vision (see Joseph Smith—History 1:23).

  2. Take the result of A and divide it by the number of books in the Book of Mormon that are called “Nephi.”

  3. Take the result of B and multiply it by the number of times the angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith on the night of September 21–22, 1823 (see Joseph Smith—History 1:30–47).

  4. Take the result of C and subtract the number of the tribes of Israel (see, for instance, Genesis 49:28).

  5. Take the result of D and subtract the age when a person may be baptized.


Spot the Differences

Can you find 10 things that are different between these two photos?



Son and Mother with Scriptures and Helmet

The Spirit might be on your right hand and on your left and angels round about you, but you are still wearing a helmet!

Arie Van de Graaff

Daughter and Mother with Groceries

Thanks for helping me bring in the groceries! Just don’t get in the cookies. They’re for my Sunday School lesson!

Ryan Stoker