Lay the Foundation

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“Lay the Foundation,” For the Strength of Youth, Jan. 2021, 19.

Line upon Line

Lay the Foundation

This year’s theme helps you see your role in building up God’s kingdom.

Youth Magazine, Global 2021/01 Jan


Doing good that inspires or motivates others to embrace and do good and noble things.


The bottom part of a building, bearing the load of the structure on top of it.

Great work

Our great work is to help build up of God’s kingdom on earth, including the gathering of Israel.1

Out of small things

Every little good thing you’re doing is helping to build something big.

Heart and a willing mind

The Lord needs us to devote our desires, thoughts, and feelings to His work.

Eat the good of the land

From the Old Testament, meaning to thrive plentifully (see Isaiah 1:19).


Zion can mean: the Lord’s people, a place where the Lord’s people dwell, or how the Lord’s people live (pure in heart, living a celestial law).

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