Who is King Benjamin?
May 2024

“Who Is King Benjamin?” Friend, May 2024, 24–25.

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Who Is King Benjamin?

King Benjamin on the tower

King Benjamin was a prophet of God and a righteous king. He gathered his people to teach them. He stood on a tower so more people could hear him. The people set up tents around the tower to listen. It was like general conference!

Jesus Christ

King Benjamin taught that Jesus Christ would be born on the earth. Jesus would perform miracles. He would suffer and die for the sins of all people. He would then be resurrected so we could all live again!

People listening to King Benjamin

King Benjamin invited the people to take upon them the name of Christ. That means they made a covenant, or promise, to follow God and keep His commandments.

Boy being baptized

Today, we show that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ when we are baptized.

Scripture Challenge

  • After the people listened to King Benjamin, who did they make a covenant with? (Mosiah 5:5)

  • What did Abinadi tell King Noah he needed to do to be saved? (Mosiah 12:33)

  • After Alma and Helam came out of the water, they were filled with what? (Mosiah 18:14)

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Illustrations by Simini Blocker