What Happens in Temples?
February 2024

“What Happens in Temples?” Friend, Feb. 2024, 22.

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What Happens in Temples?

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Illustrations by Rachel Erickson

In the temple, we learn more about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the plan of salvation. We receive ordinances and make sacred covenants. We can also do this for those who died without making those covenants. We can feel the Holy Ghost and receive answers to our prayers. Prophets have promised that going to the temple will help us receive guidance for our lives.

Cochabamba Bolivia Temple

  • This was the first temple built in Bolivia.

  • You can see one of the tallest statues of Christ from the temple grounds.

  • Before the temple was built, it hadn’t rained for months. On the day of the groundbreaking, there was a huge rainstorm!

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

  • This was the very first temple built in Africa.

  • After it was built, each continent with people on it had a temple.

  • The materials used to build the temple were chosen to match the historic buildings around it.