Temple Cards
January 2024

“Temple Cards,” Friend, Jan. 2024, 22.

Temple Cards

What Are Temples?

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Illustrations by Rachel Erickson

Temples are beautiful buildings where we can feel closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Each temple has the words “The House of the Lord” written on it. This reminds us that the temple is holy and different from the rest of the world. Prophets have promised that we can feel peace inside the temple.

Bangkok Thailand Temple

  • This is the first temple in Thailand.

  • It is six stories tall, with nine spires.

  • When the temple was being built, a storm almost flooded it. But the Holy Ghost helped the project leader know what to do.

San José Costa Rica Temple

  • This is the second temple built in Central America.

  • It is made with beautiful white marble from Mexico.

  • The temple is about a one-hour drive away from an active volcano.