Following Jesus in Thailand
January 2024

“Following Jesus in Thailand,” Friend, Jan. 2024, 6–7.

Following Jesus in Thailand

Meet Panya

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How Panya Follows Jesus

Panya invites her cousin to go to church with her. When he comes, Panya helps him feel welcome. She helps him meet the other kids at Primary and make friends.

At home, Panya helps by cleaning her lunchbox and her shoes. “I have fun when I help,” Panya says. She lives with her aunt and her grandma, and she loves to help them. She also folds her blanket every morning.

Panya’s mom passed away not long ago. When Panya misses her mom, her aunt helps her pray to Heavenly Father. She feels loved after praying. “When I pray, I feel like Jesus is with me,” she says.

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Panya with her grandma and aunt.

About Panya

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Age: 7

From: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Language: Thai

Goal: Become an interior designer and decorate rooms in houses and buildings

Hobbies: Dancing, riding her bike, learning piano, swimming, reading, and taekwondo

Family: Panya, aunt, and grandma

Panya’s Favorites

Story of Jesus: When He was baptized (see Matthew 3:13–17)

Holiday or family tradition: Christmas and family trips

Fruit and vegetable: Green grapes and cucumbers

Color: Purple

Primary song: “I Love to See the Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 95)

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