Getting a Temple Recommend
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“Getting a Temple Recommend,” Friend, October 2021

Getting a Temple Recommend

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/10 Oct

When you get your temple recommend, you will have an interview with your bishop or branch president. You can ask him anything you want. You can also have a parent come with you, if you’d like. Here are some of the things he will talk about with you.

Temple Recommend Questions

  • Do you have faith in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost?

  • Do you have a testimony of Jesus Christ’s Atonement and in the Restoration of His Church?

  • Do you sustain (support) your Church leaders (like the prophet, the apostles, and your bishop)?

  • Do you strive (try hard) to keep your mind and body clean and pure?

  • Do you follow the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ in how you treat others?

  • Do you strive to keep the Sabbath holy?

  • Do you strive to be honest?

  • Do you pay a full 10-percent tithing?

  • Do you understand and obey the Word of Wisdom?

  • Are there any serious sins you need to repent of?

  • Do you feel you are worthy to enter the Lord’s house?

Illustrations by Emily Davis