Church History Cards
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“Church History Cards,” Friend, October 2021

Church History Cards

Cut out the cards, fold on the dotted line, and tape them closed.

Sagwitch Timbimboo

Sagwitch Timbimboo


“I want to be at peace with all men.”

  • He was a Shoshone chieftain in what is now northern Utah, USA.

  • He and many of his people were baptized in 1873.

  • He and his wife were some of the first American Indians to be sealed in the temple.

  • He and his people helped build the Logan Utah Temple. They later did temple work for their people who had died.

Anna Gaarden Widtsoe

Anna Gaarden Widtsoe


“I esteem it a great privilege to … help in the [spreading] of the gospel.”

  • She lived in Norway. She was a widow, and she raised two sons.

  • She learned the gospel from a shoemaker. When he repaired her shoes, he put a Church pamphlet in each one. She was baptized in the sea.

  • She served a mission in Scandinavia. Her son John became an Apostle.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/10 Oct

Illustrations by Brooke Smart