Double the Service, Double the Fun!
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“Double the Service, Double the Fun!” Friend, Dec. 2015, 14–15

Friends Who Care

Double the Service, Double the Fun!

Hi, we’re Sam and Caleb! We live in British Columbia, Canada, and we’ve been friends since preschool. We were born nine days apart, and a lot of people think we’re twins! Last year we even got baptized on the same day. One thing we really love doing together is helping others.

Older Friends

Once a month we volunteer at a seniors’ home. We’ve been doing this with our parents since we were really young. We play games, dance, and sing with the men and women who live there. Sometimes our friends from Primary and our neighborhood join us.

Bringing Smiles

When we get there, some of the people look like they’re sleeping. By the time we leave, their faces are smiling and happy.

Christmas Cheer

At Christmas we like singing carols and giving holiday treats.

Gifts from the Heart

It’s fun to make crafts and treats for our friends at the senior center!

A Great Feeling

Once we helped pick up garbage around our neighborhood. We’ve also helped at a farm that grows food for people in need. No matter how we serve, we always feel great afterward!

Birthday Service

When we turned seven, we had a birthday party together. We called it a Toonie party. A Toonie is a $2 Canadian coin. Everyone brought a Toonie to the party, and we donated half of the money to the Church’s humanitarian aid fund.

Friend Magazine, 2015/12 Dec