Dear Parents and Teachers

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Dec. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

We wanted to give your family something beautiful to help you focus on Jesus Christ this Christmas season. So we designed pages 23–39 of the magazine to be an advent activity that you could use year after year. On pages 35–39, you’ll find a retelling of the Nativity that you could use to act out the story as a family. We hope this season is a delightful and Christ-centered one for you and those you love!

Happy Christmas,

The Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

Focusing on Jesus Christ at Christmas: The more we focus on Jesus in our lives and do things to get closer to Him, the happier we are. Read “Finding Jesus at Christmas” on page 8. You can play the same activity that Luke’s family does! What can your family do to keep this Christmas focused on Christ? Use “Priceless Gifts” on page 6 for some ideas.

Family History: Solve the last “Family History Mystery” (page 16) and become a Family History Detective! What have you learned about your family this year? What do you want to learn next year?

Music: Read “Singing with Angels” on page 2. Create your own family choir! You can print a booklet of Christmas songs at You could even make some holiday treats for your neighbors and sing for them.

Article of Faith 13: Memorize Article of Faith 13 together as a family. How do the shows, movies, and books you enjoy measure up? Make a list of praiseworthy things your family would like to seek after. Use the challenges on page 11 to set some goals!

Friend Magazine, 2015/12 Dec