Dear Parents and Teachers

    “Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Sep. 2015, back cover

    Dear Parents and Teachers,

    Dear Parents and Teachers

    Do our kids understand what integrity means? This month, talk about making good choices when no one is watching. “Flipping Channels” (page 8) deals with media, while “S.O.C.K.S. Rock!” (page 44) is about relationships. There’s also “Choosing Integrity” on page 10 and “To Cheat or Not to Cheat” on page 20. As we help children develop habits of integrity, we are helping them prepare to make and keep sacred covenants!

    Truly yours,

    The Friend

    Primary Connection

    Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities support Primary this month!

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    Family Home Evening Ideas

    Fast Offerings: Read President Eyring’s testimony of fast offerings (page 2). What events are going on in the world right now? What can your family do to help people across the world? Don’t forget the activities on page 3!

    Fun Family Food: Use the recipes on page 16 to make some “Lunch Bites.” What other healthy recipes does your family like to eat? Collect family recipe cards for Family History Mystery on page 23. What else can we do to help our bodies grow healthy and strong?

    Positivity: Try the “Positive Power” experiment on page 17. How many positive thoughts can your family write or draw in a single minute? How can we fill our mind with good thoughts and words? Set family goals that will help you think more like Jesus Christ.

    Staying Safe and Happy: Read Elder Ballard’s message and story about staying safe and being guided by Heavenly Father (page 18–19). Talk about other safety rules that help us. How do commandments help us stay happy? Learn more about Elder Ballard by reading the five facts about his life.