Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, Sep. 2015, 26–27

    Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    The Leavitt Ward Primary from the Cardston Alberta West Stake, Canada, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their chapel. The children are also learning about their ancestors. Some of their ancestors were the founders of Leavitt, Alberta, and others are modern-day pioneers.

    The Primary in the Dapto Ward, MacArthur Stake, New South Wales, Australia, had the children and their families each make a four-generation family tree!

    In the Parkwood Ward Primary, Texas, USA, each child learned about an ancestor. Aliya P., age 5, learned that she has the same middle name as her great-grandmother and that they both loved playing with dolls and reading. As Aliya Mae told about Ruth Mae, she felt her great-grandmother’s love, and Aliya Mae loved her back.

    I Thank Thee, God

    I thank Thee, God, for the light,

    For it shines through day and night.

    I thank Thee, God, for the trees,

    For they seem to ease that powerful breeze.

    I thank Thee, God, for much more that I can’t define.

    I know deep to the core that You’ve created this life of mine.

    Nisha J., age 10, Airai, Republic of Palau

    My grandma is a great example to me about doing family history. I enjoy going to the family history center with her to learn more about my family and how their lives impact my life now. I am so glad I can find out who my ancestors are.

    Brayden P., age 11, California, USA

    My bishop challenged our ward to index 100,000 names, but our ward did 150,000 names! I indexed 2,518 names! I have loved this experience and look forward to attending the temple when I am 12 to participate in temple baptisms.

    Chloe A., age 10, Arizona, USA

    The Medford Oregon Temple is special to me because I was sealed to my parents after being in foster care and then being adopted by them. I was also able to attend the temple when my little brother was sealed to our parents. I want to go back to the temple again and again and again!

    Thomas M., age 8, Oregon, USA

    Our family wanted to do 100 “helping hands” before a friend came home from a mission. We did 103! Even after we reached our goal, we still say, “I did a service hand!” We’re excited to keep serving.

    Chad, Isaac, Scott, and Rosel E., ages 8, 5, 3, and 1, California, USA

    Helping Hands

    11,879 hands and counting!

    I helped a friend rebuild a sandcastle.

    Lia H., age 6, Florida USA

    My dad told me he wanted to be a legend. I wrote a story about him so he could be one. It made us both happy.

    Benjamin F., age 6, Idaho, USA

    I help my sister by reading her books!

    Jillian M., age 4, Maryland, USA

    I gave a pair of rollerblades to my friend so she could learn how to use them.

    Patrick C., age 7, Seoul, South Korea

    I gave my mom my favorite necklace when her favorite necklace broke.

    Abbie C., age 3, Illinois, USA

    I helped make cookies to bring to a neighbor.

    Arielle C., age 6, British Columbia, Canada

    I helped my sister with her homework.

    Dallen C., age 10, British Columbia, Canada

    I’m good to my mom.

    Joshua B., age 6, Minnesota, USA

    I give my brother love when he is sad.

    Elle D., age 7, Sicily, Italy