Matt and Mandy
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“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Mar. 2011, 42

Matt and Mandy

Matt with other boys

Illustrations by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

Hey—let’s go spray some graffiti like the big guys.

No! That’s against the law, and it’s wrong. Let’s help Mrs. Gibbs clean her yard instead.

Ooooh, it’s wrong! Come on, guys, are you with me or with Chicken Boy here?

It’s not chicken to do the right thing!


So I couldn’t convince one single person to do the right thing.

You’re wrong about that.

How do you know? You weren’t even there!

You convinced one very important person—yourself. And some of those boys might remember your example.

Plus, you set an example of courage for me.

So I’m kind of your hero?

Don’t get carried away!