Crossword Shakeup

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“Crossword Shakeup,” Friend, Mar. 2011, 43


Crossword Shakeup

This isn’t a normal crossword puzzle. Instead of only writing words across and down, you can also write them upward, around the corner, and with a single letter. The spaces for the answers are shaded with different colors. Find the answers on page 48.

crossword puzzle


  1. A righteous son of Lehi (see 1 Nephi 1:1).

  2. “____ what is right.”

  3. The ninth and fourteenth words in Alma 37:35.

  4. One of the things that helped the sons of Mosiah have success as missionaries (see Alma 17:3).

  5. We should listen ____ the words of the prophets.


  1. First letter

  2. Last letter


  1. In 1 Nephi 3:7, Nephi said, “I will ___ and do.”


  1. What men wear to church around their necks.

  2. Jesus Christ is the ___ of God (see Ether 12:18).

  3. In Acts 2:21, it says, “and ___ shall come to pass.”

  4. Ether 2:10 says, “For behold, this ____ a land which is choice above all other lands.”

Around the Corner

  1. A priest in King Noah’s court who repented (see Mosiah 18:1).

  2. Adam was the first (see Genesis 1:27).

  3. A shortened version of “often” (see 1 Nephi 18:3).

  4. The light of the body (see Luke 11:34).

Illustration by Apryl Stott