Friends in the News
October 2009

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Oct. 2009, 12–13

Friends in the News

Meet some Primary children from Covington, Virginia!

Michael S., 8, wants to be a missionary. He is a loving boy and very helpful. He likes to draw and work on cars.

Elizabeth A., 5, was excited to give her first talk in Primary. She enjoys being with her cousins at church.

Lexi A., 9, likes to read, especially the Friend magazine. She is always the first in her family to find the hidden CTR ring.

Mikayla D., 8, likes to dress up, go to Brownies, and is excited to be baptized. She will share that special day with her cousin Sebastian, who will also be baptized.

Tyler D., 6, likes to help her mom at home with her little brother, Mason. She also enjoys gymnastics.

Sierra H., 9, likes to draw, paint, and decorate. She loves her family and is a big help around the house. She takes her scriptures to church every week.

Erin L., 9, loves her four sisters very much. She likes to sing, especially Primary songs.

Emileigh M., 9, enjoys doing crafts, scrapbooking, and writing. She likes Primary and is planning to memorize the Articles of Faith.

Miranda R., 9, likes going to church with her two older sisters. She enjoys cheerleading and acting. Her favorite food is pasta.

Renate S., 11, is very loving and likes to help others. She wants to be a missionary. She enjoys drawing and being with her best friend.

Hannah S., 3, is a sweet girl. She likes to cook and spend time with her family.

Kiersten T., 7, is bright and cheerful. She likes gymnastics, playing the piano, and helping take care of her two younger brothers.

Guelph Ward

The Relief Society sisters of the Guelph Ward, Kitchener Ontario Stake, worked together to make an “I Am a Child of God” pillowcase for every child in their Primary. The children were excited to receive them, and enjoy using them at bedtime.

Phoenix Branch

Primary children from the Phoenix Branch, Durban South Africa Stake, participated in a stake activity where the children wore modest clothing and participated in a fashion show. They learned about being reverent and dressing modestly for when they go to the temple someday.

San Diego Sixth Ward

The Primary children in the San Diego Sixth Ward, San Diego California Stake, learned about temples at an activity. They saw pictures of temples and learned why it is important to have temples today. They also learned what they can do to have an eternal family.

Jacksonville Second Ward

The Friend was the theme of an activity for the children of the Jacksonville Second Ward, Wilmington North Carolina Stake. They made a Kitchen Krafts recipe, wrote how they are trying to be like Jesus, and played a Funstuf game. They also listened to President Eyring’s message in the Friend about nourishing the faith of others.