Andrew’s Example
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“Andrew’s Example,” Friend, Oct. 2009, 34–35

Andrew’s Example

Do as I’m doing; follow, follow me! (Children’s Songbook, 276).

1 “Stop it!”

“Stop it!”

Andrew stomped his foot and stuck his tongue out at his little sister. She did the same to him.

2 “Mom, I can’t take it anymore. Please make Sarah stop copying me.”

3 “I don’t know if we can stop Sarah from doing everything you do. Right now she is learning from your example and doing the things you teach her to do.”

“I didn’t teach her that.”

“Yes, you did. Sarah loves you and thinks you are a great big brother. She watches what you do and tries to do the same.”

4 “I still don’t like it when she copies what I do. It gives me a headache.”

5 “Remember, Jesus set a good example for us by showing love and being kind to others. You can show Sarah a good example by doing what Jesus did.”

6 Andrew thought about what Mom said. He decided he would try to be a good example. Andrew looked at Sarah and smiled.

“I love you.”

Sarah smiled back at him.

“I love you too.”

Illustrations by Celeste Smith