Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Oct. 2008, 22–23

    Our Creative Friends


    You are black,

    I am white,

    We are people!

    You live here,

    I live there,

    We are people!

    You believe this,

    I believe that,

    We are people!

    You give hugs,

    I give hugs,

    We are people!

    You love me,

    I love you,

    We are people!

    Scierra C., age 8, Idaho



    Up in the clouds

    North of the world


    End of the day

    Tilting down.

    Cara C., age 8, Pennsylvania

    God’s Love

    A dream in your pocket,

    A wish in your shoe,

    A rainbow to wear,

    And a moonbeam or two.

    A smile on your face,

    And a star in your hair,

    Hope today helps you know

    That God’s love is there.

    Angela Z., age 11, New York

    My Brother

    My brother is an elder.

    He’s down in Ecuador.

    He loves to preach the gospel

    To people rich and poor.

    The food is really different.

    The country’s super hot.

    The people all speak Spanish,

    So he’s learning quite a lot.

    My brother is my hero.

    I hope to be like that.

    To serve my Heavenly Father,

    Like my big brother Matt.

    Ben A., age 10, Washington, with help from his mom

    Josie Ellen S., age 6, Maryland

    Kolbe S., age 6, Texas

    Ethan A., age 9, Vermont

    Isabelle C., age 7, Ontario, Canada

    Covany G., age 9, Idaho

    Cyndi K., age 9, South Africa

    Sarah E., age 6, Tennessee

    Caden R., age 3, Arizona

    Lane S., age 7, Washington

    Elisabeth P., age 10, California

    Garrick O., age 7, California

    Jonah N., age 6, Utah

    Chloe C., age 7, South Carolina

    Sydney W., age 5, Alberta, Canada

    Cyndi K., age 9, South Africa

    Kelden K., age 7, Utah