Friends in the News
October 2008

“Friends in the News,” Friend, Oct. 2008, 46–47

Friends in the News

Cannon H., 3, North Carolina, enjoys being a Sunbeam. Each month he looks forward to the day when “his” magazine, the Friend, arrives in the mailbox. He likes playing with his friends, singing songs, and making his little brother, Henry, laugh.

Emily M., 4, Utah, likes animals, dancing, and babies. With her older brother she set up a stand at a neighborhood farmers’ market and sold vegetables she had helped tend in her family’s garden.

Gavin W., 5, Alabama, is a dearly loved member of his family. He likes to share and help others. He is a good big brother to his baby sister, Ashlyn. He enjoys tae kwon do and soccer. He is especially thankful for Heavenly Father’s beautiful creations.

Kathryn U., 4, Arizona, has three older sisters and two older brothers who love her very much. She likes going to Primary, preschool, and ballet. Her favorite assignment in family home evening is to lead the family in fun Primary songs.

Mikayla and Jake M., 11 and 7, Arizona, are not only brother and sister, but also good friends who take care of and look after each other. Mikayla obeys her parents and lives the gospel. She is a cheerful girl who likes to read, draw, and swim. Jake is a lively boy with a big smile who likes to tell jokes to make people laugh. He also likes to read and is reading the Old Testament.

Caldwell Idaho North Stake

In an activity they called the “African Service Project,” 175 eight- to eleven-year-old Primary children of the Caldwell Idaho North Stake met to learn about and help the Primary children of South Africa. Besides learning about African culture, they made gifts and wrote letters for the children in South Africa. They also made a recording of eight Primary songs to send them. They shared their time and their talents with their new African brothers and sisters.

Jerusha and Syrus M., 7 and 6, California, are each almost done reading the Book of Mormon. Jerusha likes in-line skating. She has memorized the Articles of Faith and is very excited to be baptized. She wants to be a ballet teacher and a mommy when she grows up. Syrus likes to ride his bike, swim, and play ball. He has almost memorized the Articles of Faith. He wants to be a missionary and a construction engineer when he grows up so he can build his mommy a new house. Both Syrus and Jerusha like playing with their brothers and sisters.

Kendall B., 6, Arizona, likes to read and do arts and crafts. She also enjoys Primary. Her favorite song is “Popcorn Popping.” She has an older brother.

Spencer T., 7, Washington, enjoys baking with his mother, riding his bicycle, and playing with his two brothers. His favorite Book of Mormon prophet is Ammon because he was a good missionary.

Madilyn and Alyssa S., 7 and 6, Utah, both like going to Primary and dancing. Madilyn likes to read the Friend. She also likes to ride her bike. Alyssa likes learning about Jesus, swimming, and doing crafts. They are both good sisters.

Luke W., 4, New Mexico, loves his big sister, Kate. He is a Sunbeam who loves his Primary teachers. He also likes trucks, ice hockey, alligators, and crocodiles. He wants to be a missionary when he grows up.

Katelyn E., 6, Arkansas, likes to go to tae kwon do, gymnastics, Primary, and school. She loves her brother, Luke, and her sister, Bryn. She also enjoys riding her bike and reading.

Sam M., 6, Washington, has four sisters and six brothers. He likes to watch movies, eat popcorn, and play with his toy soldiers. He pretends they are his armies of righteousness. He is a good and faithful boy.

Andrea F., 6, Illinois, likes to play the piano, read the Book of Mormon, and draw pictures for her friends in Primary. She has almost reached her goal of playing with her family at every park in her city.

Gunnison Branch

As a humanitarian aid project, the Primary children of the Gunnison Branch, Montrose Colorado Stake, made 30 wall hangings, 1 picture book, 3 sets of blocks, and 20 stuffed balls.

Sixth Ward

Children in the Sixth Ward of the Hurricane Utah Stake earned “scripture pennies” whenever they brought their scriptures to church. Together, they brought their scriptures to church more than 2,000 times, and so they earned more than 2,000 pennies. They used the pennies to buy nine copies of the Book of Mormon to give to missionaries in their area.

Brayton, Ethan, Orion, America, and Jessica T., 8, 7, 5, 4, and 2, California, like visiting temple grounds together. They have been to the temples in Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Oregon; Newport Beach, California; Mesa, Arizona; and Salt Lake City, Utah. They are all looking forward to going inside the temple someday. They enjoy playing together and reading their scriptures together each night. In their prayers they thank Heavenly Father for giving them brothers and sisters to play with every day.