Friends in the News
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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Apr. 2008, 46–47

Friends in the News

Westlake Ward

Just before the Westlake Ward, Cleveland Ohio Stake, was split into three other wards, the Primary children gathered together one last time.

Maxwell F., 3, Arizona, is a shining Sunbeam. He counted down the days to go to Primary. He has a big heart and is full of energy. He always has fun. Others love to be around him.

Cali G., 7, Utah, enjoys reading and playing with her cousins. She is looking forward to being baptized. She likes horseback riding, playing with her dog, Kiki, and helping her mom in the kitchen.

Kyle K., 11, California, enjoys reading the Friend. He especially likes to read from the lives of the prophets. He likes Scouts, baseball, and playing the saxophone. He is quick to memorize scriptures.

Amanda N., 9, California, does very well in school. Amanda loves to read and to write stories. She enjoys going to activity days and she reads the Book of Mormon. Her favorite Primary song is “Nephi’s Courage.”

Ryan M., 9, Manitoba, Canada, likes to play kickball, soccer, and foot hockey (like soccer but with a tennis ball) at school. He has a golden retriever named Chewy who chews on things. Ryan wants to own a pet shop someday.

Natalie Olivia K., 3, Oregon, enjoys her family’s three cats: O.J., Candy, and Marshmallow. She would like a pug puppy. She loves the Friend magazine, Primary songs, gymnastics, swimming, baby dolls, and riding her “big girl” bike.

Zen, Tyson, Brittney, and Shaylee W., 10, 8, 4, and 8 months, moved with their parents to Germany in 2005. They like traveling around Europe as a family. One of their favorite places to visit is the temple.

Katie and Simon C., 4 and 3, Oregon, both like reading the Friend. Katie likes jumping on the trampoline with her brother, playing the computer at her grandma’s house, helping her mom make dinner, and singing Primary songs to her little sister. Simon likes to snuggle on the bed and read the Friend with his mom and sister. He is energetic and likes to play sword fight and soccer with his dad.

Riley Weston T., 3, Utah, likes to play football and basketball and loves his Uncle Porter. He enjoys going to Primary. He asks to read a “Nephi story” every night before bedtime. He likes to help his dad and grandpa on the farm.

Sadie A., 5, Nevada, likes to dance, read stories, swim, play dress up, ride bikes, and make cookies. She is a good example to her younger brother and a big help to her mom and dad. She enjoys singing time in Primary and her favorite song is “Scripture Power.”

Benson J., 5, North Carolina, likes to read the scriptures, play basketball, and spend time with his family. His favorite scripture stories are David and Goliath and Captain Moroni.

Grace S., 5, Texas, likes to draw, especially pictures of her family. Grace loves to sing Primary songs. Her favorite song is “When I Am Baptized.” She likes to play outside and find leaves and flowers.

Sam B., 5, Utah, enjoys soccer, reading, and riding his scooter with friends. He is a good brother and enjoys playing with his family. He likes to help his mom in the kitchen. He is a good friend to others. His family loves him very much.

Tucker, Spencer, and Jordan N., 8, 6, and 3, Florida, love being together. They like to play ball, go to the beach, and play computer games. They also like going to Primary and learning new songs in sharing time.

Annika Lynn P., 6, Idaho, is very outgoing. She loves life and is very caring with her family. She shares well with her brothers and is a great helper to her mom and dad. She is an artist and likes to draw and color. She reads the Book of Mormon in the morning before school.

Del Norte Ward

The Primary children of the Del Norte Ward, Poway California Stake, were encouraged to do extra chores to earn money to purchase 100 copies of the Book of Mormon. Each child wrote or dictated his or her testimony to be pasted in a Book of Mormon. They also collected placemats and ribbons, which the girls sewed into scripture bags during an activity day. They put each Book of Mormon in a scripture bag, and the Primary president gave them to Primary children in Daveytown and Johannesburg, South Africa.