Our Creative Friends
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“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Apr. 2008, 40–41

Our Creative Friends

Joseph Smith

Joseph knelt with trembling knees

In the midst of all the trees.

He wished to know what church was true,

And prayed to learn what he should do.

Then he bowed his humble head,

To ask the Lord, like he had read.

Appeared God the Father and the Son,

Joseph wondered what he had done.

He learned about the golden plates,

And only he could unlock the true gates.

Also he learned that no church was right,

And he was called to restore the light.

Kylee M., age 10, Nevada


Prepare to go to church

Read the scriptures

On the Sabbath day, keep it holy

Preach the gospel

Help people when they need help

Eat the bread of Christ

Teach about the gospel

Matthew R., age 7, Arizona


There’s something very important called prayer.

You can do it anytime, anywhere.

You can do it before you eat a pear,

Or even in your secret lair.

Prayer strengthens the relationship between Heavenly Father and you.

You can do it if you lose your shoe.

You can do it if you get lost at a zoo.

But prayer is very important too.

You fold your arms and bow your head.

When you’re listening, pay attention to each word that’s said.

You should always do it when you go to bed,

And it should have the proper beginning, middle, and end.

It doesn’t have to be long or short,

It can even be the casual sort.

It can even be a prayer in your heart.

What are you waiting for?


Jace Arthur M., age 10, Texas

Love Is …

Love is an adventure to explore.

Love is a house with an open door.

Love is eyes to see new things.

Love is mystery with what it brings.

Love is the music instruments play.

Love is power to turn night into day.

Love is beauty we’re meant to see.

Love is belief in what we can’t see.

Love is the kindness you see in a friend.

Love is glory that will never end.

Leigh-Ana R., age 10, Connecticut

Zachary M., age 8, Washington

Andrea B., age 8, Texas

Carley Ann P., age 5, Arizona

Meredith S., age 10, Virginia

Breely B., age 6, Utah

Robert S., age 10, New Mexico

Colton R., age 6, Alaska

Jemi O., age 11, New York

Kenna J., age 6, Utah

Taylor D., age 9, California

Heidi O., age 9, Maine

Mason R., age 5, Arizona

Peter C., age 10, Virginia

Justin B., age 9, Wyoming

Jason S., age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada