Jeffrey’s Stop Sign

    “Jeffrey’s Stop Sign,” Friend, Aug. 2007, 28–29

    Jeffrey’s Stop Sign

    To have a friend, you must be a friend, too (Children’s Songbook, 262).

    1. Jeffrey sat on the front steps of his new house. It was a hot summer day.

    2. He watched the children speed by on their skates. He wondered how he could be their friend.

    3. “I need a stop sign,” Jeffrey told his mom. “Let’s stir one up,” Mom said.

    4. They went inside the house and found a pitcher.

    5. Jeffrey put water, lemon juice, sugar, and ice in the pitcher. Then he stirred everything together.

    6. Mom got a big piece of paper. She helped him write “Free Lemonade” on it.

    7. They put a little table on the driveway. Jeffrey poured lemonade in the cups. Mom hung up the sign.

    8. When the thirsty children skated by, they stopped for a cool drink.

    9. Jeffrey smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Jeffrey.” Now he had lots of new friends.

    Illustrations by Adam Koford