Barnyard Music

    “Barnyard Music,” Friend, Aug. 2007, 30–31

    Barnyard Music

    Under the direction of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ created many different animals. Each animal makes its own sound.

    Instructions: Color the picture. Then as you read the poem, point to the animal or object you colored which makes that sound.

    Barnyard Music, left page
    Barnyard Music, right page

    Illustration by Julie F. Young

    Horses neigh.

    The donkeys bray.

    Rooster crows.

    Creek water flows.

    Chickens cluck.

    Quack goes the duck.

    Robins tweet.

    The big sheep bleat.

    Kittens purr.

    The windmill whirs.

    Tractor chugs.

    Hens scratch for bugs.

    Cows moo,

    And soft doves coo.

    Porch swing creaks.

    Mice hide and squeak.

    Music is here.

    Perk up your ears.

    Chirps, squawks, rings,

    The barnyard sings.