I’m Here

“I’m Here,” Friend, May 2007, 28–29

I’m Here

(Based on a true story)

Look up the following scriptures: Deuteronomy 31:6, 2 Timothy 1:7, D&C 68:28. Which one do you think fits the story best? Write that scripture on the blank lines.

McKayla stepped up to the microphone in front of the Primary. She hesitated for a moment. Even though she had given many prayers, it was still scary to give the prayer in front of so many people. She looked at her mother on the front row with the Sunbeam class. When she gave McKayla an encouraging smile, McKayla felt she could give the prayer easily.

But McKayla looked at the children, and fear seized her heart. She wished she could slide under the podium and disappear from sight. Slinking down, she stepped back and started down the two steps she had climbed to get to the podium. Just when she felt that she had safely disappeared from view, she heard a voice say, “I’m here.”

Looking up, McKayla saw her mother standing beside her. She helped McKayla up the steps and put her arms around her.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m right beside you. I’ll help you,” Mother told her.

McKayla repeated every word that Mother whispered in her ear.

After church, when McKayla was playing in her room, Mother walked in. “Mom, I was scared to give the prayer today,” McKayla said.

“I saw that,” Mother replied. “That’s why I went to help you.”

McKayla ran to her and gave her a hug. “I felt better with you there. I wasn’t so scared anymore.”

“That’s how it works,” Mother said.

“How do you know?” McKayla asked.

“Because of my experiences,” Mother said. “There have been many times when I had to lean on someone to help me through a difficult task. When it seems like no one is there, I’ve said a little prayer and felt Heavenly Father tell me through the Holy Ghost, ‘I’m here. Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you.’”

“That’s what you said to me!” McKayla exclaimed.

“That’s how I knew what to say to you,” Mother told her. “I learned from the best. I hope that when you need help and you think there’s no one there, you will remember to say a prayer, and—”

“I’ll feel the Spirit and know Heavenly Father is there,” McKayla finished for her.

“You learned a powerful lesson today, one that will help you the rest of your life,” Mother said.

A warm, peaceful feeling encircled McKayla. She knew Mother was right. Heavenly Father would be there. He’s always there.


Elder L. Tom Perry

“Where young people have prayer as part of their daily lives, they have a warm, comfortable feeling about approaching the Lord.”
Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “A Pattern for Living,” New Era, Jan. 2004, 7.

Illustrations by Apryl Stott